Kevin Florian doesn’t like when (but understands why) people write their own bios in third-person, so Kevin’s gonna stop writing Kevin and just write “I” because c’mon seriously who are we kidding here? Anyway…

I'm a Chicago-native, currently Bay-Area-based musician, performer, multi-instrumentalist, jazz-metal-composer, millennial-hyphenate-etc breakfast guru. I perform on guitar, bass, and vocals professionally, drums proficiently, and piano competently. I've played in jazz combos, heavy metal bands, pit orchestras, and pop trios. I've been a musical director for improv comedy shows, and a stage manager for all sorts of stuff. I've seen the good side of bad and the down side of up and everything between. I've also quoted Everlast lyrics in my bio, something my legal team strongly discourages.

Here’s what I’m up to in the Bay, scroll down to check out my former or still semi-active Chicago-based projects:


I play lead guitar and sing harmonies for the long-tenured Oakland-based Celtic rock band, Tempest. I’m honored to join the ranks of incredibly talented guitarists who have previously brought their skills to this band. Our tour schedule is here, and I’ll be posting tons of media in the future.

I’ve transplanted my extensive live karaoke experience to the bay with The Karaoke All-Stars. We do an all-live, no-tracks, totally-amazing live karaoke experience with your very own power trio backing you up.

I perform regularly with one of biggest wedding & event bands in the Bay, The Lucky Devils Band. They cast a wide net of some of the sickest players around, and I love gigging with these cats.

I play guitar with Landlights InstantChoir. We take you from never-sang-before to dancing-and-belting-with-your-coworkers in the space of an hour. Incredibly fun and rewarding to see people let loose and

I occasionally work as Assistant Audio Technician with the LA-based Ben Mallare Band. Ben is a phenomenally talented singer and attracts excellent talent at all levels of his operation.


I'm the demented leader of the jazz-metal outfit, Conflux. In 2010, we released our debut EP, Spark, to what one could call "critical acclaim", if jazz-metal was the sort of genre that got "acclaim" of any sort. As of 2018, we have recorded (and are in the process of mixing and producing) a new record of snazzy jazzy metal tunes for your listening pleasure

Every Thursday for over 3 years, I was your one-man acoustic backing band for Karaoke Unplugged at Mary's Attic. Weekly new additions to the song list run a huge gamut of musical genres, with special requests and my own personal faves.

My brief stint as event bandleader was with my own brainchild For the Moment. We did all sorts of parties, events, weddings, etc, with a heavy focus on the newest, hippest dance tunes on the airwaves.

I performed frequently on bass, guitar, and backing vocals with Live Band Karaoke. "Rock and roll extravaganza party awesomeness with extra spicy habanero sauce" doesn't begin to describe it. Notable name drops include Kid Rock, Eddie Vedder, a handful of American Idol alums, and a guy that does an impossibly perfect impression of David Lee Roth.

I also performed regularly on guitar , bass, and backing vocals with a premiere Chicagoland wedding and event group, The Matt Stedman Band. Always live, never to tracks, and we have some of the most talented, seasoned professionals around. It's an honor and a privilege to play with these cats.

From 2009-2015 (in my varying capacities as music instructor, producer, studio manager, concert organizer, sound technician, financial officer, personnel administrator, curriculum designer, and multi-instrumental accompanist), I oversaw The Rock House Music School's growth from 1 student to over 400 and counting. The talent in that place is ridiculous, and it was an incredible experience to be cultivating the next generation of professional musicians.

For several years, I wore many different hats with world renowned musical improv troupe Baby Wants Candy, including guitarist, musical director & keyboardist, stage manager, and tour manager. Check their site for details, but suffice it to say, their list of name drops is impressive, and I've had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with some insanely talented people.