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March 2012. Music video for Conflux - Stomping Grounds. Written & arranged by Kevin Florian.

May 2017. Demo Reel for For the Moment

Spring 2019. A few clips from the TEMPEST 2019 Midwest/East Coast Spring tour

August 2017. Compilation of a few moments with Michael McBride and Friends at Chicago Market Days.

November 2016. Official Promo Video for Karaoke Unplugged

October 2015. Performing Mr. Know-It-All by Kelly Clarkson with Eric Briggs for his solo cabaret, Brave

May 2015. Performing in a promo video for Ring of Music Orchestra & Matt Stedman Band. More videos available HERE

August 2013. Performing on bass with Live Band Karaoke at UW Madison

August 2011. Performing Life Carries On with The Jay Gulotta Band. Written by Jay Gulotta.