Atlas Blogged

I’m blogging now. It’s admittedly redundant to make such an announcement that, by its very ontology, is already being made, but, ignoring the meta-redundancy contained herein, it just seems like the correct and socially lubricious thing to do. If you happen to take the time to read any of this blog ever, reactions may range from enjoyment to incredulity to apathy to “despite his social media presence, that guy can write a surprisingly complete sentence with capitalization, punctuation, and even proper grammar”. That last bit is important. If you’ll allow a moment of narcissism: I had an uncomfortable realization that my only online representation was music samples and copious social media tomfoolery that, if one doesn’t speak a dialect of “Internet Irony”, might come across as genuine and unmitigated stupidity. Consider my apparent stupidity mitigated. Apropos of nothing, the title of this post implies no allegiance to any economic ideology; it’s just damn funny.